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1) Fraud Complaint Against Transworld Van Lines, Dolphin Moving Systems and Commercial Moving Solutions. We engaged Dolphin Moving Systems to move us from Largo, FL to PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, FL. Ernie McNab, the company's Sales Representative, quoted us a price for packing, loading, and delivering to our new home in the amount of $3,928. This did not include storage. Mr. McNab said the amount could be a little less or a little more, and said this was an estimate but should be very close to the actual amount. After looking at the references from Arpin Van Lines on the literature he left us and looking at Better Business Bureau for complaints we decided to go with Mr. McNab's company. The packers came on time, did a good job packing and did a good job loading the truck the next day.

2) We received a call from the Company saying they wanted us to pay the bill a couple of days later. I asked that the bill be emailed. When I received the email, the bill had gone up $768 more than we agreed upon. The girl in the office said she didn't know anything about that. She put me on with her Supervisor, Steven Stillins, who told me the bill was more because we needed more packing supplies and we had more weight. I asked for the Weigh Ticket, but never received one, but nevertheless agreed to pay the extra amount. Steve Stillins asked for all money up front; I said that was not what I agreed to with Ernie McNab. I agreed to pay for the local moving charges ($2,419) and would pay the balance upon delivery to my new home in PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, FL. Steve Stillins then told me the $4,695 wasn't for the move to Port St. Lucie but, rather, just for the local move up the street to their warehouse. Ernie McNab had told me the amount was for delivery to the new home and it is right on the Order for Service that is their contract. I told Steve Stillins he must be insane to think we would hire his company for $4,700 to move us down the street. Based on that I told him I wouldn't pay anything until he resolved this. He said he would check with his boss, Greg Dolphin, the owner's son, and he would change the contract to "Binding" and we would pay the balance of the $4,695 when we received our furniture and possessions. I asked him to send me an email to this effect and he did. This email has been included in the documentation submitted to Wells Fargo relative to this dispute.

3) When we called the Company after closing on our new home in PGA Village to schedule delivery, we were shocked to hear the amount due for delivery was going to be $6,416 (in addition to the $2,419 we had already paid). This would have meant a total to move across state of $8,835! The top fee should have been approximately $5,900, less the $2,419 already paid, leaving a balance of approximately $3,511. This amount would include storage for our furniture for five weeks, at $300 a week (approximately $1,500) to be kept on the originally loaded trailer (see Order for Service). We were told if we didn't agree to their additional fees we could not receive our furniture and they "would put it back in storage." This was directly told to me by Ernie McNab and he further said we could have someone else pick it up if we didn't agree.

4) Another point of dispute is that we paid the $300 per week to keep our furniture on the originally loaded trailer. Ernie McNab told us it would be better to leave our furniture on the originally loaded trailer to avoid unloading everything and then reloading it to avoid damage. The fee to house it in their warehouse would be $266.80 a month, much cheaper than $300 per week, but we opted to pay the extra to avoid damage to our possessions. When the truck came to deliver our furniture it was a completely different truck than the one that was loaded at our previous home and two other family's belongings were loaded in there also.

5) Because the trailer was unloaded and reloaded, there was damage. The original trailer was loaded safely and packed beautifully at our former home. When the different trailer arrived at our new home boxes were smashed, items were broken. Their driver, Vinnie, said he couldn't believe how poorly the trailer was loaded and he couldn't get our custom dining room table out because it was smashed against the load bars and sustained damage. We have a $3,500 glass bowl that was broken when we unpacked it (we have pictures); we have a missing $500 chest and stand; and other assorted broken glassware. we will update soon.

Reason of review: Fraud,Overcharging,broken items.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Lies, Overcharges, Broken stuff, Ernie mcnab the liar.

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Looking at meeting the United States attorney regarding Transworld Van Lines including Co, Fl, NJ. Documenting a pattern of RICO including theft of belongings. Please respond with contact info if your looking for justice.


Don't do business with this company. They quoted almost DOUBLE of other companies.

And then the guy cut it in half once I told him that. Clearly, he was trying to make 110% extra profit. He harassed me for weeks.

His name "Ernie" even makes him sound like a slimball. Save yourself hassle when you are going through a move and don't associate with this ***.


Ernie mcnab the liar.Don't use this company unless you want to be ripped off. They will not Honer contracts or any insurance you may purchase.

Arpin Van Lines is aware of this and has suspended McNab from representing their name! Ernie mcnab the Major SC BAG


This is Dolphin Moving Systems M.O. (Along with Ernie McNab) They lie, cheat and steal from 90% of their customers.

Arpin Van Lines is aware of this and has suspended McNab from representing their name!

Don't use this company unless you want to be ripped off. They will not honer contracts or any insurance you may purchase.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1111969

we settled with Greg Dolphin the owner after about two months of back and forth. BBB,ect also the main co they work under was not happey with the conduct from Ernie McNab and others at this co.

we also settled our damage claim after a big dog fight. Best of luck


We had the same experience. I charged it all back for fraud with my credit union.

Now we are going to court.

Ernie McNab literally altered the Bill of Lading to try to support his charge. Do not do business with this company.

to Anonymous Monterey Park, California, United States #1356266

Did you end taking them to court? Is Ernie mcnab even a real person?!

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